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Protestors in Athens rally against same-sex marriage bill




On Sunday, February 7, more than 1,500 protestors came together in central Athens to express their opposition to a proposed law to legalise same-sex marriage in Greece.

The bill is set to have a parliamentary vote within the next few days.

AP News reported that Greece’s conservative government is backing the legislation, however passing the bill will require many votes from centre and left opposition parties to be approved. Additionally, some of the lawmakers have even gone on record opposing the bill.

Religious groups who attended Sunday’s protest revealed how they thought the bill was a threat to the traditional family. Many of them chanted “hands off our children” during the protest.

The same-sex marriage protest took place in Athens on Sunday.
The protest took place in Athens on Sunday. Photo: AP Photo / Yorgos Karahalis.

“Unfortunately, the woke agenda has also reached Greece and that agenda includes the marriage of homosexuals,” Dimitris Natsios, leader of the far-right and strongly religious Niki party, said.

“Greece is a Christian Orthodox country and our tradition does not allow this… We know and respect one type of marriage: The Orthodox Christian wedding.

“Our Constitution also does not provide for this, so this bill is unconstitutional and runs counter to our faith in Christ.”

If the bill is approved, Greece will be the first majority Orthodox country to legalise same-sex marriage.

Source: AP News.

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