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Former Test cricketer opens up about alleged kidnapping by Marino Sotiropoulos and others




Former Australian Test cricketer, Stuart MacGill, has told A Current Affair he is haunted up to 20 hours a day by memories of his kidnapping and feared he could have died during the ordeal.

The interview was Mr MacGill’s first public comments since allegedly being abducted, assaulted and threatened at gunpoint by a group of men, including Marino Sotiropoulos, the brother of his partner Maria O’Meagher.

The renowned spin bowler stressed during the interview he was innocently caught up in a situation he did not understand.

“I know that I have done nothing wrong, Maria has done nothing wrong. If people choose to think something contrary to what’s been presented by both myself and the police, then that’s up to them,” Mr MacGill told A Current Affair.

MacGill was allegedly kidnapped at gunpoint from a street in Cremorne on April 14, driven to a rundown farmhouse in Bringelly and after an hour brought back into the city and dumped. Picture: Nine.

The former cricketer denies any knowledge of an alleged cocaine supply deal being in the works when he introduced Sotiropoulos to an associate known as Sonny, an alleged drug dealer and regular diner at Aristotle’s, a Greek restaurant in Neutral Bay run by Mr MacGill and his partner.

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“We consider ourselves to be the innocent parties in this one. Part of hospitality is making sure the room works. We introduce people to other people all the time,” he said, while stressing to viewers that was all they needed to know.

Stuart MacGill with his girlfriend Maria O’Meagher at Aristotle’s restaurant, which they have closed since the alleged kidnapping. Credit: Facebook / Sydney Morning Herald.

MacGill only agreed to break his silence to A Current Affair to assist strike force detectives who are trying to track down all those allegedly involved in his kidnapping and extortion.

Four men, including Sotiropoulos, brothers Frederick and Richard Schaaf, and Son Minh Nguyen, have already been arrested and charged over the kidnapping, but the program aired new CCTV of two more potential suspects in the kidnapping.

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“The CCTV captures them going into a Bunnings a couple of hours before the incident occurred,” Detective Superintendent Andrew Koutsoufis, from the Robbery and Serious Crime Squad, told the program.

Detective Superintendent Andrew Koutsoufis is working on Mr MacGill’s case.

“They bought some items that we believe is associated with the incident, so we are very keen on identifying and speaking with those two males.”

Police have also maintained from day one that Mr MacGill is an innocent victim.

“What we allege he’s gone through is just horrific circumstances,” Detective Superintendent Koutsoufis said.

“I feel for him and his family now that’s all dragged out into the media as well, being a public figure that he is.”

Source: A Current Affair.

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