English couple outraged over limited three month stay at Syros property due to Brexit


A sweeping new set of rules established by Prime Minister Boris Johnson has restricted UK nationals to a maximum of 90 days in any six months in most European countries without a visa or residency permit.

Coming into effect next month, the rule will affect the estimated half a million British citizens with properties on the Continent.

David Young, an award-winning novelist, bought a two-bedroom home on the Greek island of Syros with his wife Stephanie two years ago.

The view from the couple’s home in the Greek island of Syros. Photo: Daily Mail

He said the rules mean their “hopes of long hot summers” at their house will be severely curtailed, Daily Mail reports.

He added: “All we’re asking for is reciprocity. The irony is that post-Brexit, EU citizens will be able to spend up to six months at a time in the UK.

“The only solution is to apply for residency, but that comes with a minimum 183-day stay requirement. It’s a horrible Catch 22 situation – many owners have ties in the UK they just can’t sever, so they can’t opt for full residency.”

Asked if Mr Johnson is sympathetic to the plight of the holiday home owners and whether he will lobby the EU on their behalf, his spokesman said: “The Prime Minister has been clear on the fact we are leaving the European Union and what that entails in terms of bringing back control of our money, borders and laws.”




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