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Baby of Cretan surrogacy clinic scandal sold to Australian woman




A baby born in Chania as part of the Cretan surrogacy clinic scandal which took place in August this year, has been sold to a woman in Australia.

Ta Nea.GR reported that the baby is currently undergoing medical care in the Neonatal Unit of the general hospital of Chania in Crete. The baby’s biological parents remain unknown.

It is believed to be from a surrogate mother with Georgian origins who was involved in the prior scandal.

Flashnews.GR described the situation as a “difficult” legal case as the baby’s biological parents have yet to be discovered. However, thankfully, the baby was found to be healthy. 

In September, at least 36 Australian couples and five women were told their sperm, eggs and embryos from a controversial surrogacy clinic in Greece might not have been compromised. Photo: Supplied.

The Australian woman who adopted the baby reportedly paid a significant amount of money to the people of the Cretan trafficking ring to receive the baby. She also signed and has all the necessary legal documents to secure her claim. 

The woman planned to take the baby back to Australia and raise it, however sources did not confirm whether there was a father involved.

Many cases involving the Cretan surrogacy clinic scandal, such as this one with the Australian woman, have been reported. They are expected to be heard in the courts within the new year.

Source: Ta Nea.Gr and Flash News.Gr.

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