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Three Greek Australians named in the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list in Asia




The Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2021 lists 600 of the brightest young entrepreneurs, leaders and stars from around the world and this year, three young Greek Australians have made the cut.

The Greek Herald takes a look at who they are and how they manage their success.

Emmanuel Barbas:

Emmanuel Barbas, 25, and James Hachem (24) have both been recognised in the ‘Retail and Ecommerce’ category after co-founding Melbourne-based beauty brand, Alya Skin, in 2018.

Barbas (left) and Hachem.

Its flagship product is a pink clay mask, which claims to have benefits ranging from brightening skin complexion to tightening pores. The mask gets its signature colour from a mixture of ingredients like red and white kaolin clays.

It helped Alya Skin generate $3.5 million in sales in its first year in business, and the company has since launched three more products including cleanser and facial scrub.

Eleni Glouftsis:

A trailblazer in Australian umpiring, in 2017, Eleni Glouftsis became the first woman to umpire an Australian Football League match. Since then, she has officiated 40 games.

Eleni Glouftsis. Photo: Wayne Ludbey/The Advertiser.

In January, Glouftsis received the Medal of the Order of Australia, the country’s highest honor, for her service to the sport. She was also named South Australia Young Australian of the Year in 2019.

The Greek Herald recently spoke with Glouftsis for our special ’21 Women for 2021′ series and in our exclusive, Glouftsis said she’s “been able to help lots of young people see there are different pathways available to them that we probably haven’t seen before.”

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Priscilla Hajiantoni:

27-year-old, Priscilla Hajiantoni, has been recognised under the ‘Retail and Ecommerce’ category of the Forbes 30 Under 30 List in Asia.

Priscilla Hajiantoni.

She is the founder of Melbourne-based skincare brand, Bangn Body, in 2019. The brand quickly made a hit with its multi-purpose firming lotion, which fans sometimes call a “yellow tube of goodness” for its natural ingredients and iconic yellow-colored packaging.

The startup has since branched into making and selling lip balm and skin scrub. It claims to have generated $8 million in revenues in its first two years of business.

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