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Cameron Dimopoulos becomes first-time finalist in Australia’s Archibald Prize




Cameron Dimopoulos has recently been named as a finalist for one of Australia’s oldest, richest and most prestigious art awards, the Archibald Prize.

The first-generation Australian with Greek heritage painted a self-portrait titled Limbo. It measures at 122 x 153.4 centimetres and is acrylic on canvas.

Speaking to Art Gallery NSW, Mr Dimopoulos said he used the self-portrait “to explore, document and understand the world we now live in, post-COVID, having emerged from mandatory lockdowns and self-isolation.”

Cameron Dimopoulos self portrait: ‘Limbo’ . Supplied: Art Gallery of NSW.

Dimopoulos also said his self-portrait was inspired by his Greek heritage.

“In Greek culture, the number three is associated with harmony, wisdom and understanding. I have juxtaposed that magic number with the feeling of being neither here nor there; directionless and in limbo, searching for answers,” he said.

Dimopoulos is a first-time Archibald finalist and is one of 57 other artists in contention for the $100,000 prize this year.

Among the pieces that were chosen as finalists is also a portrait of Greek Australian Zoe Terakes by Kim Leutwyler.

A colourful oil painting of Zoe Terakes, a non-binary white person with brown hair, who is shirtless and has top surgery scars.
Portrait of Zoe Terakes by Kim Leutwyler.(Supplied: AGNSW)

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