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Greek Australian Federal Labor MPs call on community to get vaccinated




Federal Labor MPs, Maria Vamvakinou and Steve Georganas, have launched a public appeal to the Greek Australian community and all Greeks in Australia to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

This is what they had to say:

“We have both been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine, and we would like to send a strong message that what matters is the vaccination, not the vaccine,” Ms Vamvakinou and Mr Georganas said in a joint statement.

Maria Vamvakinou MP (left) and Steve Georganas MP (right).

“The minimal side effects observed should not be an obstacle to the mass vaccination which will create prospects for the fight against coronavirus and will give us the opportunity to open our borders, to be able to travel to Greece and Cyprus, to open our economy, to regains our freedoms, so that we can live a healthy normal life again.

“That is why we appeal to all Greeks in Australia: do not be influenced by what is written or what is said. All the scientific and medical evidence proves that vaccination saves lives and protects us from the coronavirus. More than 38 million have been vaccinated in the UK so far, and there have been very few side effects.

“Therefore, we call on all Greeks in Australia who have remained unvaccinated: get vaccinated. We stress that only with the vaccination will we take back our lives.”

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