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Australia’s southeast coast feels earth tremor




By John Voutos and Andriana Simos

A magnitude-5.8 earthquake sent shockwaves across Australia’s southeast on Wednesday morning.

The earthquake hit 10 kilometers below Mansfield – a three-hour drive northeast of Melbourne.

Residents of Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, and Adelaide have been left reeling.

Miltiadis Paikopoulos says he was studying for his university law exams when his house began shaking. 

“I was upstairs, studying for my law exams, and I felt a slow rumble that started to shake the whole house! It lasted for about 15 or 20 seconds,” he tells the Greek Herald

Reports suggest the tremors lasted up to a minute at the quake’s epicenter.

Paikopoulos was studying for his law exams when his house began shaking (Left: Linkedin)

“It’s my first time that I can remember, but I felt that I had to get in touch with my family and friends as soon as it happened,” he says.

“We reached out to my cousins, my godbrothers, my aunts and uncle, my yiayia, and my close friends.”

“My yiayia told the story jokingly that her television fell off its table.”

ABC’s News Breakfast studio captures the earthquake.

Australia is prone to destructive earthquakes.

Tennant Creek experienced Australia’s largest onshore earthquake when a magnitude-6.6 earthquake hit the town in 1988. 

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