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World Parents Day: Top six signs you are from a Greek family




The relationship between a son or daughter with their Greek parents is something that many outside the diaspora group find unique and at times, comical.

To mark World Parents Day today, we take a look at the top six signs you are from a Greek family. Let us know how many of these have happened to you!

1. You converse in Greek with your parents while in public:

There’s definitely many benefits to being bilingual and this is one of them. Almost everyone has spoken to their parents in Greek while in public to make sure that no one else understands the conversation. But then of course, there’s always that one coincidence where a random Greek pops up, understands the conversation and you become instant friends or frenemies!

2. Measurements do not exist in Greek recipes:

Everything is a “pinch.” Only problem is, no one’s “pinch” is exactly the same.

Measurements do not exist in Greek recipes.

If you ask a Greek mother to give you her recipe for baklava, you can be sure you won’t find any set measurements. While this may be slightly confusing and frustrating, your best bet is to simply ask her to show you how to make it. Recipes don’t really exist and if they do, sometimes they’re kept under lock and key.

3. Everyone knows at least 6 Nikos, 3 Dimitris, 9 Marias and 7 Elenis:

In Greece, the tradition is that the eldest children get their names from their grandparents. This often creates duplicates, where cousins of the same gender may share the same name.

4. Name days are better than birthdays:

Since most Greeks have names associated with a saint, this saint’s day is basically a reason to celebrate. And since Greeks are champions when it comes to partying, it is usually celebrated in a big way, either with a huge feast or paniyiri where friends and family are invited.

Greece holds paniyiria to celebrate name days.

5. There is no such thing as privacy in a Greek home:

No matter how old you are, there is one thing you can be sure will never change: there is no such thing as a secret. In fact, any business is everyone’s business in a Greek home.

6. You know to never say ‘I’m hungry’ at Yiayia’s house:

Because if you do, you better prepare yourself to be stuffed with every Greek dish on the planet.

It doesn’t matter if you had a big breakfast or simply if you had a quick lunch a few hours before. A Greek mom and/or yiayia (grandma) will always offer you something. Whether it is a piece of moussaka or pastitsio or simply a portion of baklava to go with your coffee, there is no way to escape it.

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