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Accused serial stabber Christopher Raftopoulos refuses to front Melbourne court




Accused serial stabber, Christopher Raftopoulos has refused to speak to anybody, including his lawyer, after being arrested in Melbourne, Victoria over the weekend.

According to Nine News, 31-year-old Raftopoulos is accused of carrying a bag of knives and going on an unprovoked stabbing spree over three hours in Melbourne’s inner suburbs between January 6 and January 7.

Victorian police allege he may have used multiple different knives to stab five people in four separate attacks across the CBD and St Kilda.

Raftopoulos was due to face Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday morning, but he did not appear in person or via video link. He was charged with more than a dozen assault offences.

The stabber’s lawyer, Michael Amad said Raftopoulos was refusing to speak to him.

The stabbings took place in Melbourne’s CBD. Photo: Nine News.

“Regrettably, Mr Raftopoulos is not prepared to speak to anyone,” he said. “I attempted to speak to him about an hour ago and his position is he does not wish to speak to anyone.”

Mr Amad submitted a mental health report on Raftopoulos to the court, and shared that his client was not engaged with any mental services as of yet, but was previously ordered to undergo community treatment.

“Perhaps if the matter could be adjourned for a few days, he may be in a better place in respect to giving instructions,” Mr Amad said.

The lawyer was then instructed by Magistrate Rose Falla to organise for mental health specialists to speak to Raftopoulos as he “may or may not be suffering from a psychiatric episode or be psychiatrically unwell.”

“I want Forensicare to say they spoke to him today … and what their observations are of him today,” she said.

The Magistrate needs the information before she decides whether to adjourn the case.

Source: Nine News.

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