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Three Greek dishes voted as most difficult to pronounce




In a new study conducted by financial provider Remitly, three Greek dishes have been named as some of the most difficult to pronounce.

Through an analysis of 2,700 dishes from over 165 countries, in addition to looking at the most searched terms such as ‘how to pronounce’ on the internet, Remitly was able to find that Baklava, Tzatziki and Gyros were most confusing to say.

In last spot is the controversial desert Baklava which is often pronounced by people as it is phonetically said, however the correct pronunciation is ba-kluh-vuh.

According to Remitly, approximately 24,120 people had searched on the internet to see how to say it correctly.

Baklava. Photo: The Big Man’s World.

Making it in 8th position is the famous cucumber dip Tzatziki, with 27,000 people checking to see how to correctly pronounce it. With its origins in Greece, it should have the pronunciation sat-see-kee.

Tzaziki. Photo: Allrecipes.

Finally, considered Australia’s favourite Greek food, the Gyros had 346,500 global searches.

Originating from the Greek language meaning ‘to turn’, the dish should be pronounced yi-ros.

Source:  nine.com.au

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