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Paspaley’s new collection turns deep-sea pearls into fine jewellery




Greek-owned business, Paspaley, has unveiled its new collection, Dive, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

The collection of fine jewellery features not only the rare, pristine Pinctada maxima pearls found off Western Australia’s Kimberley coast, but also the sea creatures and surprises pearl divers have encountered throughout the brand’s long history.

“I love this idea of going down to the sea and thinking you’re going in hunt of one treasure and coming across another,” Paspaley creative director, Christine Salter, told The Australian Financial Review.

Dive tassel necklace, in yellow gold, black silk rope, black spinel – and pearls, or course. Photo: The Australian Financial Review.

Dive is Paspaley’s first major collection since 2019 after COVID-19 sidelined last year’s campaign and it focuses on the divers and the process of pearling.

“For me, the most beautiful side to pearling is diving for the pearls themselves,” Salter said.

“I wanted to create a collection that spoke of these generations of pearl divers and their stories and encounters over the years. And it’s the first time we’ve really told this story through a jewellery collection.”

The new collection focuses on the divers and the process of pearling. Photo: Paspaley.

Salter, whose Kastellorizian grandfather is the founder of Paspaley, Nicholas Paspaley, adds that the new collection also includes the jeweller’s first ring for men.

“Because [this collection] is all about our men that we have at sea, who’ve been diving for generations, it just felt right to have a ring dedicated to a man,” Salter told the newspaper.

While the two-tone ring doesn’t feature a pearl, the decision to move into men’s jewellery is new for Paspaley, a brand which is well-known for revolutionising pearling and its cultured pearls.

Source: The Australian Financial Review.

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