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‘My Greek Odyssey’ series five set to uncover the unknown wonders of Crete




Over the past few years, Peter Maneas has taken us onboard his boat Mia Zoi as he travelled across Greece for My Greek Odyssey and visited places as far-reaching as the Saronic and Northern Aegean islands, to the Dodecanese and the Ionian islands.

Now, in some exciting news, Maneas is back with a fifth series of My Greek Odyssey and this time he’s taking viewers on a journey through the southern and central Cycladic.

In an interview with The Greek Herald, Maneas describes how he can’t wait for viewers to see the series as he travels to little-known islands such as Anafi, Donousa and Folegandros, as well as popular islands such as Santorini and Crete.

“This series for me was a very special experience because it’s the first time we’ve done multiple episodes on one island and that island is Crete,” the TV host says.

“There’s just so much to see and do. We met best-selling author, Victoria Hislop, and she took us through Spinalonga and the old leper colony there. We also saw a lot of the beaches and we did a lot of stuff on Crete that you don’t normally see – like visiting a number of the smaller islands nearby.”

In a happy turn of events, Captain Yianni and Chef Kyriako are also back and make sure Maneas doesn’t miss any of the regional highlights and local delicacies.

“Something that was out of the mix across the water from Santorini was an island of Thirasia and it is probably the exact diametric opposite of Santorini,” Maneas explains.

“Thirasia is a small island, very few people go to it and it’s almost untouched. So that was very, very special and we met so many special people.”

When I ask why Maneas chose to showcase these little-known islands in the TV series, he says it’s all about getting ‘behind the canvas’ of the Cyclades.

“The history of some of these islands goes back to the Minoan times…” the Kytherian Australian stresses.

“So we put this volume of information that we gather together to bring to the surface things that will interest people and things that will raise people’s awareness to parts of Greece that they never knew about.”

With such an important job to do, does this mean Maneas plans on releasing a sixth series sometime soon as well?

“Be ready for series six and seven because when they come up, they’re very, very special islands. We’re working on the post production at the moment and we’ll get them out as soon as we can,” he concludes.


  • The new series of My Greek Odyssey will launch at 7am Sydney time via Vimeo On Demand here.
  • For Australian viewers who are happy to wait for a free-to-air broadcast, the series will start airing on Sunday and Wednesday afternoons on 7TWO in early September.
  • For American viewers, the first four series are available via Curiosity Stream.
  • For Greek viewers, the series is currently airing on Cosmote and ERT will soon be showing series 1 to 4.

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