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Greek-owned Compton Burgers shop in WA celebrates hip hop legends




Compton Burgers shop in Perth, Western Australia is owned by brothers Michael and Andrew Theo, and they have had the incredible opportunity to meet and collaborate with some of the biggest names in hip hop.

This experience left a lasting impression on the brothers, who were not only amazed by the artists’ immense talent but also touched by their genuine kindness.

One of the highlights of their journey was meeting the renowned hip hop artist Coolio. To their surprise and delight, Coolio even wore their shop’s shirt on stage, creating a truly special moment for everyone involved.

Another notable artist, Jack Harlow, also visited the burger shop and enjoyed one of their signature burgers. The brothers were thrilled to have these remarkable individuals represented with burgers on their menu.

But it didn’t end there. Onyx 100, known for their collaborations with Tiny Jackal, Fredro Star, and Sticky Fingers, also made a lasting impression on Andrew and Michael. They were honoured to have a beat featured in Eminem’s “8 Mile,” showcasing their immense talent and influence in the hip hop world.

Tiny Jackal, the Greek rapper, even travelled all the way from Greece to collaborate with the brothers, infusing a unique Greek flavour into their beatbox session and rapping in Greek for Coolio.

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