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Henry Kissinger and his controversial link to Greece and Cyprus




Throughout history, Henry Kissinger has been recognised as the most powerful American secretary of state who ultimately shaped US history during the cold war. However, for many he was the most controversial figure for Greece and the Greek diaspora.

Largely blamed for the attitude of the US and NATO towards the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, Kissinger effectively allowed for the Turkish invasion to occur without international opposition.

Henry Kissinger. Photo: Aljazeera.

This tactic, lead to a powerful surge by the Greek diaspora to consider the term anti-Americanism. A clear example is where approximately 30,000 diaspora Greeks staged a protest outside of the White House on August 18th, 1974, with the slogan ‘Kill Kissinger’.

In a supposed statement made by Kissinger in 1994, it is alleged that he said that the Greek people were anarchic and difficult to tame and for this reason it is important to strike the Greeks cultural roots.

Whilst this statement has often been denied, it is clearly observed that the aim was to attack the Greek diaspora and ultimately neutralise their influence in the wake of the invasion.

Source: Ekathimerini.

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