Greece’s hidden gems: 5 islands you probably haven’t heard of before


We all know the main sites that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists to Greece every year, and don’t get us wrong they do take your breath away every time! 

These 5 islands though will sweep you into parts of the Aegean, Icarian and every other sea that you didn’t know existed. And after you read our list, you’ll understand why. 

1. Anafi

One of Greece’s best kept secrets, the island of Anafi in the Cyclades. Although is it just a short 22km from Santorini, Anafi is still one of the least visited islands in Greece. According to Greek mythology, Anafi emerged from the bottom of the sea to shelter the Argonauts. 


2. Skyros

Located in the Sporades, this small island isn’t your typical tourist destination. Take a sailing boat around the island for the day and enjoy some of the most beautiful caves, bays and islets, or take a tour to some of the islands prehistoric sites, Skyros’ peaceful landscape will make you fall in love. 


3. Astypalaia

The butterfly shaped island lies between the Cyclades and the Dodecanese and although technically belongs to the latter, holds the true beauty of both. Local boat services offer small trips to the surrounding islands that will take your breath away. 

view of charming white houses Astypalea island

4. Trizonia

A hidden little gem on the Corinthian Gulf accessible by ferry boat, Trizonia is the only inhabited island in the Corinthian Gulf and is also only 500m west of Athens. With its busy vibe you’d be surprised to find that cars, motorbikes, and trucks are strictly prohibited on the island – making it the perfect place to relax and unwind in the serenity of this tiny piece of paradise. 


5. Ikaria

Named after the myth of Icarus, Ikaria is known for the longevity of its inhabitants. There is an air of relaxation, a mood that is set by the population that lives there that captures you, Ikaria is the place to let go of your stresses. Between hikes in the islands mountains and destressing at the thermal spa at Therma Village, Ikaria is one Greece’s best kept secrets.





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