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Leonard Cohen: His inspiring journey on the Greek island of Hydra




Living on the island of Hydra for seven years, Canadian poet and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen is most recognised for his works written whilst on the island.

From a young age, it become clear that Cohen had a passion for writing, winning the Chester MacNaghten Literary Competition for his poetry entry and pursuing a career in literature during the early 1950’s.

Struggling to grow his passions in the weary surroundings of Canada, Leonard decided to find a more creative inspiring setting. He arrived on the mystical island of Hydra as a destitute, aspiring to find a home which would help him grow his creative juices.

Leonard Cohen whilst on the island of Hydra. Photo: Hydra Direct

In a letter sent by Cohen to a friend, he explains how his love for the heat, the Aegean Sea and the street vendors musicality all inspired him to write more and to develop beautiful pieces of poetry.  

Towards the end of his time on Hydra, Cohen mainly spent his time collating materials for his 1964 poetry collection ‘Flowers for Hitler’, but he was also able to grow his skills on the guitar, soon releasing his most famous song ‘Bird on the Wire’.

According to fans the song focused on Cohen’s search for freedom from depression and shows how the island of Hydra helped lighten his mood.  

Source: Far Out Magazine

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