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Legendary singer Antonis Kalogiannis dies aged 81




Famous Greek singer Antonis Kalogiannis has passed away at the age of 81.

The iconic musician, who had collaborated with some of the greatest composers in the industry, died of a heart attack overnight. The emblematic singer was reportedly bedridden for a number of years before finally passing.

His loss leaves a huge void in the Greek music industry, possessing powerful interpretive skills and depth of vocal colour range.

He was born in the Athenian neighbourhood of Kaisariani in 1940. Before turning to music, he worked as a cobbler in his home town.

Kalogiannis first appeared on stage in 1966, performing many songs with Mikis Theodorakis.He made his concert debut in the then Soviet Union, later performing in Greece. During the dictatorship of 1967, he went abroad with Maria Farantouri and created a folk orchestra where they played music supporting the struggle against the junta.

Kalogiannis eventually returned to Greece in 1972 and teamed up again with Theodorakis to similarly fight the dictatorship with powerful songs that inspired Greeks to rise up against the Junta.

The funeral of Antonis Kalogiannis will take place in Kaisariani.

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