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On This Day: Greek poet Vasiliki ‘Kiki’ Dimoula was born




A distinguished multi-award winning poet of the second post-war generation, Vasiliki “Kiki” Dimoula was born on June 6, 1931.

Kiki Dimoula first appeared in letters in 1952 with the poetry collection “Poems”, which she renounced later in her life and withdrew from circulation. She has since published these poetry collections:

  • Erevos (1956)
  • In absentia (1958)
  • On the trail (1963)
  • A little of the world (1971)
  • My last body (1981)
  • Never happy (1988)
  • Adolescence of Oblivion (1994)
  • One minute together (1998)
  • Poems (centralized edition 1998)
  • Removal sound (2001)
  • Greenhouse grass (2005)
  • Meeting (Anthology with seventy-three paintings by Giannis Psychopedis, 2007)
  • We moved side by side (2007)
  • The indexes (2010)

In 2001, she was awarded with the Excellence of Letters of the Academy of Athens. In the same year, she was also awarded the Golden Cross of the Order of Honor by the President of the Republic, Konstantinos Stefanopoulos. In 2002, she was the third woman to be elected a full member of the Academy of Athens.

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Kiki Dimoula’s poetic discourse followed an evolutionary course, with influences from Cavafy poetry at its beginning. Dimoula described her writing methods at an event in 2007, where observed the natural born chaos of the world and worked to try and impose some order.

Poetry, she believed, exists: “It isn’t made by poets, who are not creators but explorers, each in their own way.” 

Kiki Dimoula died at the age of 88 of a heart attack on 23 February 2020 after being hospitalised for 20 days.

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