Celebrating inclusivity and empowerment at this year’s Greek Film Festival


The 2023 Greek Film Festival is pleased to announce its dedicated focus on films that celebrate the resilience, wisdom, and humanity of our elderly, individuals with disabilities, and those confronting Alzheimer’s disease.

This year’s festival program includes a thoughtfully curated selection of films that shine a spotlight on these significant aspects of life. By showcasing these stories, we aim to foster empathy, understanding, and support for these often-underrepresented communities.

These films will start a conversation about disability rights, accessibility, and the power of storytelling to foster understanding and empathy.

  • God’s Painting:

A moving portrayal of a family’s journey as they navigate through personal challenges and disability, highlighting the enduring power of love, family, and resilience.

  • Listen:

An inspiring narrative that follows the life of Valmira, who defies stereotypes and barriers to pursue her dreams.

Financial difficulties force the deaf teenager Valmira to drop the sign language classes at the Deaf School of Athens and return to her father’s island, where she faces the danger of indifference and isolation – not only because of the village’s prejudices, but, mainly from her own family.

  • Dignity:

On the day of their ailing, elderly father’s birthday, the reunion of three siblings leads to an intense confrontation after which their lives can no longer remain the same.

  • Remind me:

It all begins when a “group therapy” of Alzheimer’s caregivers meets to talk about their fears, guilt, bad and good times. The film features the side of the child that chooses to stand by the diseased parent till the end.

All proceeds from ticket sales of “Remind me” shall be donated to support the Alzheimer’s Centre in Heraklion, Crete. Also, during the film’s screenings we will be running a fundraiser for the Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation. 

The Greek Film Festival is presented in Victoria by the Greek Community of Melbourne playing at Palace Cinema Como, Palace Balwyn Cinema and the Astor Theatre and runs from 19 to 29 October. For more festival details and the full program check Melbourne Films | Greek Film Festival 2022




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