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Best Christmas movies to watch this holiday season




By Victoria Loutas

This Christmas, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite Christmas movies to keep you entertained this holiday period! From classic rom-coms to modern spin offs, there’s a Christmas movie for everyone to enjoy. 

Love Actually

Love Actually is an early 2000s classic, filled with familiar stars. The film, directed by Richard Curtis, follows a series of intertwined character storylines. The end result is a comforting, romantic movie that truly shows the spirit of Christmas. 

Home Alone

Hughes Entertainment gave us this Christmas classic in 1990 and its popularity has withheld the test of time. The comedy follows eight-year old Kevin who fights off thieves with amusing tricks and games on the eve of Christmas.

The Santa Claus

A family favourite. This wholesome movie tells the heartfelt story of Santa Claus in the lead up to Christmas eve, as Tim Allen plays a divorcee who inherits the role of Father Christmas. This movie is perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

The Holiday

The Holiday is a 2006 Christmas romantic comedy that follows the love lives of two women on opposite ends of the world. The two leading females arrange a home exchange to escape heartbreak in the holiday season, but they each grow to love their new home town and people they meet along the way.

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