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Ancient trade routes revealed in Greek Papyrus




Ancient trade routes linked to the Mediterranean and the port of Muziris in India have been revealed in Ancient Greek Papyrus.

The unique papyrus dating to the mid-2nd century AD was analysed, and brought to light valuable evidence linking trade routes between India and Greco Roman Egypt.

During the study, researchers found that the papyrus showed evidence of payments made, contracts written, taxation paid and insurance clauses which were all necessary when trading between India and Alexandria during the Roman period.

Evidence for trade routes at the time. Photo: News Bulletin 24/7

Held in the Austrian National Library in Vienna, the Papyrus of Muzireos, contains two different types of texts, with both the front and back pages showing a contract and a list of goods which had been imported from India to somewhere within the Mediterranean world.

According to professor Amfilochios Papathoma from the University of Athens, the Papyrus of Muzireos completes a picture of commercial activities which was strong and great at the time.

Source: Amna. gr

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