PASEKA calls on Australian Government to ‘stand in support’ of Cyprus’ territorial integrity


The Pan-Australian Justice for Cyprus Coordinating Committee (PASEKA) has called on the Australian Government to ‘stand in support of Cyprus’ territorial integrity’ in a press release issued today.

Full statement:

The Pan-Australian Justice for Cyprus committee (PASEKA) solemnly commemorates the 49th anniversary of Turkey’s illegal invasion and ongoing occupation of Cyprus—a tragic event that continues to inflict immense suffering on the island and its people.

In 1974, Turkey forcefully invaded Cyprus, displacing over 200,000 Greek Cypriots and other minority groups from their homes in the northern 37% of the island. This act of aggression reshaped the demographics, eradicating the Greek majority that once thrived in the region. To this day, more than 40,000 Turkish troops remain stationed in the occupied area, denying the indigenous Greek Cypriots their right to return to their homes.

The impact of this invasion goes beyond displacement; it includes the deliberate destruction of an ancient culture and heritage. Geographical names have been forcibly changed, erasing the Greek history and imposing a false Turkish narrative. Christian churches and monasteries, symbols of centuries-old devotion, have been desecrated or converted into mosques. Archaeological sites, once internationally recognized, have suffered from destruction and looting. Countless artifacts have been lost or remain hidden, severed from their rightful place in history.

Photo: Pan Australian Justice for Cyprus Coordinating Committee - Paseka.
Archival photo.

The international community’s acceptance of Turkey’s violation of European and international law set a dangerous precedent. Since then, UN resolutions have consistently demanded respect for Cyprus’ sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and the immediate withdrawal of all occupying forces. These resolutions also call for the safe return of refugees to their homes and the protection of human rights and freedoms. Turkey’s continuous violation of these resolutions fuels the longing for justice and resolution among the Cypriot people.

The Cypriot community in Australia remains hopeful that the evolving global landscape will facilitate the implementation of Security Council resolutions, including those addressing the Cyprus issue. We appeal to the Australian Government and the compassionate people of Australia to stand in support of Cyprus’ territorial integrity. We must reject Turkish aggression in the region and advocate for a just settlement based on UN resolutions. By doing so, we can work towards restoring peace, justice, and reunification to Cyprus—a land that yearns to break free from the clutches of occupation and regain its rightful place in the world. Together, let us stand for the rights and aspirations of the Cypriot people.

Signed by Georgia Alexandrou, President of PASEKA (Pan-Australian Justice for Cyprus committee) Australia & New Zealand.




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