Loud applause at premiere of Greek Stage Theatre’s new comedy, ‘The Murderers’


Greek Stage Theatre’s new theatrical comedy, The Murderers, premiered on Saturday, May 29, at the Mantouridion Theatre in Marrickville to loud applause from the audience.

The Murderers received positive reviews from the audience, with the Greek Stage Theater presenting a contemporary comedy by Alexandros Rigas and Dimitris Apostolos.

In the interactive comedy, the five “murderers,” played by Vicky Rapti, Evi Lamazaki, Christina Ioannidou, Natasa Kastelloriou and Margarita Liagou, as well as the strict prosecutor Sandy Reke and her advisor from the Ministry of Justice, Aphrodite Rapti, captivated the public for almost 2.5 hours.

A special zest was given to the play by the presence of a police officer played by Stamatis Psarras, a retired secretary of the prosecutor, played by Rena Katsara, and Giannis Katsaras, first as a prison guard and then as the mother of Prosecutor Karabela, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

The adaptation of the play was done by Akis Kastelloriou and he, along with George Tsoularis, were also the directors.

“This show could only go up with these actors. I am proud that we managed to present you a play that has not been presented before in community theater,” Mr Kastelloriou said after the show.

“I thank the Mantouridion theater and my teacher Stavros Economidis for their cooperation and hospitality.”

After the conclusion of the play, Mr Kastelloriou presented Giorgos Andronis with an “Oscar” for his work in the Greek Stage Theatre’s previous play. The award has now become an institution of the theatre and aims to recognise the efforts of their actors.

About the play:

Five women who are of “sound mind” engineer and invoke all kinds of mental illnesses in order to prove that they acted without thinking and to avoid their condemnation. A prosecutor-psychiatrist, an assistant specialising in the representations of murders who claims to be the granddaughter of the well-known author, Alexandros Papas, and a policeman are called to stop the plans of the murderers and to reveal them. But things do not turn out as planned by either side.


  • Words by: Alexandros Rigas & Dimitris Apostolou.
  • Adaptation: Akis Kastelloriou.
  • Directed by: Akis Kastelloriou & George Tsoularis.
  • Costumes and Set design: Margarita Liagou.
  • Lighting: George Andronis.
  • Music Editing: Natasa Kastelloriou & Akis Kastelloriou.

If you would like to attend the play here are the viewing / ticket details:

  • Saturday: 05/06, 12/06, 19/06 @19:30pm
  • Sunday: 06/06, 13/06, 20/06 @16:30pm

For reservations please call: 0450 724 600.

Tickets: General Admission is $30, Concession is $25.

Address: Building 36/142 Addison Road, Marrickville (Community Center).

Greek Stage Theatre accepts NSW Discover Vouchers. 




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