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#GreekFlagWeek: Fly, Share and Post your Flags ahead of Greek Independence Day




Events have been cancelled, the way we celebrate National Days has changed and the pandemic has indeed challenged every aspect of our lives both as individuals and as a community.

However, as Greeks we are known for our resourcefulness and resilience, especially when it comes to our national pride.

This year, on March 25, Australia’s Greek diaspora and Hellenes across the globe will commemorate and celebrate the 200th anniversary of the uprising of Greek revolutionaries against the Ottoman occupation and we all need to be present.

Now, ahead of our National Day, it’s time to show the world how we proudly Fly, Share and Post our Greek flags.

Using the hashtag #GreekFlagWeek on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we (The Greek Herald team) aim to encourage everyone, young or old, to participate in a movement to uplift our spirits and enhance our sense of national identity.

All you have to do is:

  1. Download and print (CLICK PHOTO FOR LINK) one of the below Greek flag designs or alternatively purchase The Greek Herald’s Saturday March 20th print edition which includes full colour Greek flags in various sizes.
  1. Post on your social media pages a photo of The Greek Herald’s Greek Flag.
  2. Don’t forget to hashtag #GreekFlagWeek and #GreekIndependenceDay on the post.
  3. Tag @The Greek Herald on your social media pages.
  4. That’s it! You are participating in our 200th Greek Independence Anniversary movement!
  5. Your posts will be shared on our social media pages during the week and the best ones will make it to our March 25th special print edition.

Are you ready? Now let’s Fly, Share and Post our Greek Flags together!

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