Footsteps of Migration: Greek Lyceum of SA celebrates Hellenism at Family Fun Night


Over the King’s Birthday long weekend in June, the Family Fun Night hosted by the Greek Lyceum of South Australia was a vibrant celebration of Greek culture, dance and community spirit.

Held at the Goodwood Community Centre, the event brought together families, friends and supporters to participate in the rich traditions and contemporary expressions of Hellenic culture.

The night was filled with laughter, music, dance, and a deep sense of community, showcasing the Greek Lyceum’s mission to preserve and promote Greek heritage in SA, as well as its commitment to fostering a sense of community togetherness and identity.

Families enjoyed the Greek Lyceum of SA’s Family Fun Night. All photos copyright The Greek Herald / Peter Tantalos.

Approximately 200 guests gathered to support the Lyceum, enjoying a night filled with dance, a fun quiz that added an interactive element to the evening, and a variety of activities designed to entertain and engage attendees of all ages, such as a coin-tossing competition.

One of the highlights of the night was the series of dance performances by the Lyceum’s dancers, from juniors to seniors. Dressed in traditional costumes, the dancers showcased a repertoire that spanned various regions of Greece.

The performances were particularly poignant as they focused on the theme “Footsteps of Migration,” which, under the guidance of director Marie Arvanitakis, has been the central theme of the Lyceum’s dance program for the past two years. The dancers illustrated the journey of Greek migrants through their movements, highlighting the struggles and triumphs of migration and the importance of upholding traditions in the diaspora.

Special recognition was given to the SA Department of Premier and Cabinet: Multicultural Affairs for their grant assistance program which is crucial in enabling the Lyceum to continue hosting events that celebrate and preserve Greek culture. The grant received will go towards procuring handmade traditional costumes, enhancing the authenticity and visual appeal of future performances.

The Greek Lyceum of SA stands as a vital, living link ensuring the rich traditions of Hellenic folk culture continue to thrive in contemporary Australia, bridging the rich Hellenic inheritance of the past with the present, and ensuring it is preserved for the future.

As the Greek Lyceum of SA looks to the future, it remains steadfast in its mission to educate and inspire. The school has taught approximately 1,500 students over the past two decades, spanning three generations of South Australians of Greek heritage. The Lyceum has grown to become one of South Australia’s premier Greek dance schools, with approximately 60 to 70 students aged 4 to 30 years.

*All photos copyright The Greek Herald / Peter Tantalos.




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