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Greek Australian community set to enjoy special presentation of new book ‘Pontian Diet’




A special online presentation of Professor Thomas Savvidis’ new book, Pontian Diet, will be given to Pontian Greeks and the wider Greek community of Australia on January 14 at 6pm.

The event, which has been organised by the Australian Federation of Pontian Associations, will be broadcast live on the Federation’s Facebook page.

The work by Mr Savvidis, who is a Professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, was recently published by ‘Kyriakidis Publications.’

It contains 575 pages of knowledge about Pontian food culture, which has been gathered and presented from many perspectives: gastronomic, historic, folkloric, etymological, biochemical and culinary.

With rich authentic photographic material and excellent publishing quality, the book will be a must-have acquisition and will surely be a go-to book for all.

More information about the book can be found here.

Who is Thomas Savvidis:

Thomas Savvidis was born in Klimataki, Grevena, to parents from Ak Dag Maten, Pontos. He graduated from the six-grade High School of Tsotyli, Kozani. He studied Biology and Chemistry at the University of Thessaloniki.

He is a professor at the Department of Biology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He worked as a researcher at the Universities of Graz, Salzburg (Austria), Heidelberg, Göttingen and the Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Center (Germany). He also worked as a researcher at the University of Istanbul, where he was able to systematically study matters concerning Pontos.

Mr Savvidis has also taught at the School of the Holy Monastery ‘Holy Trinity of Halki’, to collaborate with the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and to give lectures at the Phanar Greek Orthodox College (Μεγάλη του Γένους Σχολή) and at the Zografyon Lyceum in Istanbul.

He is the president of the Organisation for the Internationalisation of the Greek Language, a founding member of the Association of Pontian Students of Thessaloniki and continues to play an active role in many organisations within the Pontian and national arena.

He has contributed considerably in the study and promotion of the Pontian diet and the adoption of traditional nutritional values in today’s society. He has also scientifically recorded the flora of Pontos with edible and medicinal plants.

He has published more than 100 original scientific papers in international scientific journals and through conferences. Among his recent books, which are addressed to the general public, there are: The Diet in Pontos, Encyclopedia of Pontian Hellenism, The Mastic Tree of Chios, Homer the Vine, Homer the Botanical, The Herbs of the Pontos and Pontian Diet.

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