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COVID-19 Australia-Cyprus Forum to compare responses to the pandemic




The Australian Alumni Association of Cyprus is proud to present the COVID-19 Australia-Cyprus Forum in association with the Australian High Commission in Cyprus and The University of Cyprus.

The last two years have been trying for all institutions and every individual across the globe. The pandemic seems to have caught our communities unprepared, ripped through them and forced everyone to spring to action, to adapt, to organise, to mobilise, to find the most effective means of combating this deadly virus.

All systems underwent a rigorous crash test: Healthcare institutions, political and economic systems, law enforcement agencies, information technologies, and communication channels. Nothing remained unaffected and especially human relations and behaviours.

So, what have we learned from all this in Australia and Cyprus? How can the accumulated scientific research, evidence, data and knowledge help us respond to the current challenges posed by the pandemic and in particular the Delta variant? How can we make effective use of evidence and good practices?

The Australian Alumni Association of Cyprus is bringing together esteem scientists, clinicians and researchers from both countries, who have been and continue being on the frontline, to reflect on the responses to the pandemic, the immunisation programs, the current situation, vaccines and vaccination rollouts. What was done well, what was done poorly, and what were the outcomes and lessons.

You are invited to join the forum on Wednesday, 22nd of September, 2021, at 10:00 in Cyprus and 5:00pm AEST in Australia. The event will be broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube.

The Australian Alumni Association of Cyprus strongly believes that the cooperation and involvement of academics, practitioners, politicians, economists, media representatives, and the wider community in the two countries can help make use of scientific data, develop policies, and assist in crisis planning and management.

Talking at the event will be: Professor Allen Cheng, Dr Constantinos Tsioutis, Dr Nikolas Dietis and Dr Stefanos Herodotou.

For further details, please contact:

Sakis Fidogiannis, President Tel.: 99 476969 or Cleo Tziva, Secretary, Tel.: 99 329360.

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