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Emanuel Skorpos appointed new Regional Manager of Greek Welfare Centre in Port Pirie




Emanuel Skorpos was recently appointed the new Regional Manager and Coordinator of the Greek Welfare Centre of SA, heading the Seniors Citizens Program in Port Pirie and The Mid North.

“The Greek community of Port Pirie is aging and our elderly citizens’ needs only increase with time. With this program we want to ensure that all members receive tailored services to be able to live a safe and protected life in their family home for as long as they can.

“Some of them require personal care and others assistance on a casual basis, but they also need to feel cared for and protected. We will make sure that everyone is looked after,” Mr Skorpos tells The Greek Herald.

The Greek Welfare Centre of South Australia – St Philothei (GWC) began its activities at the Port Pirie and Mid North region of South Australia in August last year. 

More than 200 kms north of Adelaide, the region is home to the Church of St George, the oldest Orthodox Church in South Australia and one of the oldest in Australia and a long-established Greek community of about 300 members.

“Leaving remotely can be challenging at times due to the language barrier or the fact that older people don’t drive and they often need to visit specialists in the city. 

“The strategy is to see this Program rolled out successfully across the region. Not only for the Greek but for the wider community,” Mr Skorpos says. 

“It is very important to be able to provide a program that meets the needs of the remote communities and their elderly members.

“I am confident with the support from our CEO Father Jeremy Krieg and our established certified team we will provide a service that will set a new precedence for this kind of care and support for our ageing communities across regional South Australia,” he concludes. 

According to the state government’s ‘Plan for Ageing Well’, more than a quarter of all South Australians aged over 50 live in regional areas and the state’s total population projected to be over 50 within the next four decades will surpass the 42 percent mark. 

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