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Superstar tennis duo open up about 15-year friendship and life off the court




Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis made waves at this year’s Australian Open when they walked away with a title in only their fourth grand slam together. The duo, known famously as the “Special Ks,” spoke about their friendship during an interview with Stellar.

The pair caught up with each other after their first Grand Slam victory for another milestone event, a joint photoshoot. Although some might say one achievement outweighs the other, Nick Kyrgios tells Stellar“My perspective on life is I don’t take anything for granted.”

“We don’t have to say much. We just know:

Kokkinakis recalls the tournament in Canberra that he met Kyrgios at: “I saw this big boy play, and his dad was wearing all [Michael] Jordan gear, and I thought, this is my type of guy.” 

Their love for the game, mutual outside hobbies and their Greek heritage laid the foundation for a friendship that has seen them both through the highs and lows of a career in sport and the spotlight.

“I don’t really click that well with too many other Australian tennis players; not that I don’t necessarily like them,” Kyrgios says in the Stellar interview.

“I just don’t get along with them as well. But with Kokk, its easy. We don’t have to say much. We just know.

“I always feel comfortable opening up to him and telling him if I’m struggling. I don’t do that often. I don’t like telling people who I don’t trust.”

When asked about their tennis future, Kyrgios confidently admits: “We are changing the game of tennis, and I think Thanasi has realised he’s part of that too. He’s one of the select few players who can do it.”

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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