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Stavros Bakopanos is one to watch in FootballSA’s National Premier League 2022




FootballSA’s National Premier League season kicked off on Friday night and to mark the day, The Advertiser listed its players to watch for 2022.

Among the list was Aladin Irabona from Adelaide City and Allan Welsh from the Adelaide Comets, as well as Greek Australian soccer star, Stavros Bakopanos, from Cumberland United.

Who is Stavros Bakopanos?

An aggressive midfielder and defender, Bakopanos will be a highly important player for the Foxes in 2022.


While his aggressive style of play can at times lead to yellow or red cards, the club favourite’s flair can equally galvanise his team.

If Bakopanos can string consistent performances together, Cumberland will be a strong test for any opposition.

This upcoming season will be a real test for Cumberland, who’ve proved more than capable of performing at the highest level.

Source: The Advertiser.

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