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Nick Galatas: Creation of the Australian Football B League depends on us




By: Bill Roumeliotis

Following the “green light” for the creation of the B League, given by FFA Director James Johnson, Greek Herald sports writer Bill Roumeliotis spoke with Chairman of the Australian Association of Football Clubs (AAFC), Mr. Nick Galatas, to find out the next steps of the process.

“The FFA, from the words of Mr. James Johnson, has given us the okay for the creation of the B League with a draft that we will study and send to the stakeholders of the Australian National League clubs,” Mr Galatas says.

“The next step is to send all our club members the applications to participate in the new Australian National Championship.

“…All these years I have been involved in the creation of the BNC, there is a great deal of interest from many Australian football clubs for the creation of Category B with the promotion system, now it is time for the applications to enter the criteria with which we will decide within the next few days.”

Mr. Galatas also revealed that the FFA strongly supports the creation of the new National Class.

“Prospects are to go ahead and do the work required … applications will be set and the number of teams I believe will be 14 to 16”

Mr Galantis was asked as to how new teams will be able to qualify for the new league, also revealing how many teams each state will be represented in.

“There is no case at the starting stage, neither with the first team, nor with the second, nor with the third … only by relegating it to the future,” Mr Galatas elaborated.

“There is serious interest from the N.N.O., Sydney Olympic, APIA, Wollongong, Sydney United, Blacktown City, Hellas Melbourne, Melbourne Knights, Alexander, TIM 11, Brisbane City and Brisbane Strikers from Queensland, Adelaide City from South Australia, Perth FC, Canberra United and South Hobart.”

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