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Greek Tourism Minister Theoharis addresses coronavirus effects




The Greek ministries of economy, development, and tourism are examining possible measures to support business owners in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak.

Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis told Capital TV that subsidies and facilitating liquidity were among the measures currently being considered.

Mr. Theoharis spoke about support actions to be implemented in the aftermath of the Covid-19 virus scare when the overall impact on the economy can be assessed. Measures may include facilitating liquidity so that businesses can immediately recover lost ground.

Already, the coronavirus outbreak has cost Greece 70% of Chinese tourists who have already cancelled trips, Agrophilia reports. This decrease will predictably be a devastating blow to various businesses that rely on the increased Chinese tourist flows.

Three weeks ago Mr. Theoharis minimized the impact the these China cancellations would have. But, when combined with other economic impacts, the overall blow to Greece’s healing economy may be devastating.

Minister Theoharis took note of the fact that pre-bookings in the first two months of the year are on an upward trend, but that the coronavirus effect has begun to impact reservations. The focus now, Theoharis said, is to secure the country’s trade and business advantages “even in this environment of external challenges”.

Sourced by: Agrophilia

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