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Maria Vamvakinou MP issues message to mark OXI Day anniversary




Labor’s Federal Member for Calwell, Maria Vamvakinou, has issued a message ahead of the anniversary of OXI Day on Saturday, October 28 this year.

Full Message in English:

83 years since the heroic response of the Greeks to fascism is a moment of honour and a point of reference for the modern history of humanity. October 28 is a symbol of Greece’s struggle against fascism and Nazism. The message given by the heroic battle of the Greeks was that Hitler’s fascism was not invincible. The struggle against the Italian fascist machine and the continuation of the glorious National Greek Resistance, have their place in the long history of the Second World War and the final victory of the people against Nazism and fascism.

I admire all those who fought and sacrificed for Greece’s freedom and to defeat fascism, among which were thousands of Australians. We pay our respects to all those who responded willingly and fought Hitler’s fascism in Greece, Europe, North Africa, the Atlantic, Asia and the Pacific.

The conditions today, both here and in Greece, are very different from that era. The challenges of a new Cold War, the rapid globalisation of capitalism, climate and environmental changes, don’t allow us to be complacent. Along with the popular, anti-war and trade unionist movement – and in memory of the hundreds of thousands of Greeks who lost their lives during the catastrophic war and the German occupation – we continue their struggle.

Today, when fascism, under a different cloak, rears its head again, both in Europe and throughout the world, the messages of 1940 are even more important.

On the occasion of the national anniversary of October 28, I pay my respects to all the Australian fighters and volunteers from World War II who fought for the freedom and democracy of everyone. I also extend a warm greeting to the Greek people and wish them the best of luck for overcoming today’s difficult challenges and adversities.

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