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‘Justice is well overdue’: Steve Georganas MP calls on Australian Government to act on Cyprus issue




The Federal Member for Adelaide, Steve Georganas MP, tabled a notice of motion on Monday, September 5 calling on the Australian Government to support the territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus.

The motion calls on the Parliament to affirm its support for the rights of the Republic of Cyprus and Greece to explore and use natural resources discovered within its exclusive economic zone, and to oppose recognition of the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as a legitimate State.

The Adelaide Minister also requested Parliament to condemn Turkey’s re-opening of Varosha seafront in Famagusta and express concern at the Turkish military build-up in occupied Cyprus.

In a statement, Mr Georganas said: “It is vital Australia acts to reinforce the efforts of the UN and the Government of the Republic of Cyprus.”

“The ever-evolving nature of the situation in Cyprus concerns me greatly, I believe justice is well overdue,” he added.

This year, on July 20, Greek and Cypriot communities around the world commemorated the 48th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

The September 2022 notice of motion signed by Georganas.

For Mr Georganas, the invasion not only impacts Cypriot communities but also tens of thousands of Australians of Cypriot descent, being a constant reminder of an ongoing struggle for freedom and reunification.

“I have engaged closely with the Greek and Cypriot communities and in doing so I join them in their calls for a peaceful resolution,” he said.

“I am a firm believer that whilst Cyprus is geographically distant, the connections through families, friends, and the vital role the Government of the Republic of Cyprus has played in peacekeeping efforts over the years, reinforces the importance to stand by them in a movement for an amicable solution.”

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