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Insight or Perspective: How can associations help the continuation of the Greek language?




By Eleni Elefterias

Many Greek associations have buildings lying empty or underused. Others rent out their buildings and have amassed wealth and continue to add properties to their portfolio.

In some strange way it seems they want to leave a legacy that is equated to buildings.

However, an empty building or a rented one that does not offer anything to the culture is not a real asset. I understand. Many associations are made up of good people, who worked hard to create the club they have.

Some however, are not so transparent, they promote nepotism within their committees. It is all about control and the unfortunate consequences is the deciphering of funds from the association’s coffers whether it is for bad business decisions or outright corruption. 

The elderly members may have lost faith in the younger generation and want to protect their assets.

The younger generation may not be that dedicated to the continuation of their culture and language or their interests vary greatly to the original goals of their association’s constitution.

In any case there is a lack of vision for the future of many of these associations.

A simple solution may be to amalgamate, but most will not consider this option for the simple reason of mistrust and with good cause, I am sad to say.

There is plenty of money and assets around to save the Greek language and support many Greek schools and universities and even to support initiatives such as the publication of bilingual educational resources, but those who hold the keys to making this a reality lack the vision or trust to enable it to occur. 

What do you think is the problem with Greek language learning in Australia and do you have a solution?

I will quote respondents’ answers in a future column. Email your answers to eleni@elenielefterias.com.au

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*Eleni Elefterias-Kostakidis is a teacher of Modern Greek and University lecturer. 

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