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Woman and child dead in fire at Moria refugee camp, police respond with tear gas




A wildfire in Moria hotspot broke out yesterday, leaving at least 2 refugees dead. It has not been confirmed yet whether there are more casualties.

It was reported the fire broke out due to an electricity short circuit.

A forensic examination is underway of the charred corpse of a woman, which was transferred from Moria to Lesvos General Hospital on Sunday evening by a local individual.

Police are trying to reach the burnt housing containers where a second corpse, of a child, is reportedly located, police sources say.

Meanwhile, additional police forces are being deployed to Lesvos to help contain clashes between camp residents and local police.

In a statement by police headquarters, the upheaval broke out after two fires that occurred separately, first outside and then inside Moria camp.

Furthermore, the Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection Lefteris Economou, along with the Chief of Police and the Secretary General for Migration Policy are heading to Lesvos.

The first fire occurred 400 meters outside the camp, while a second fire occurred twenty minutes later at a housing unit inside the camp, which was destroyed while flames spread to adjacent housing units.

Witnesses also shared reports of police responding with tear gas and abuse, to contain the panic.

Humanitarian aid organisation, Movement On The Ground, wrote on their social media:

“Unfortunately we can’t say that we are shocked. Over a month ago we rang the alarm that the situation in and around Moria was extremely worrying. And today, despite all our efforts we regret it was in vain for the souls we lost today,” they said.

“We continue our mission as we are here to serve the people but we realize more than ever this situation needs to change.”

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