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Widow of murder victim John Macris thankful his accused killers were arrested




The widow of slain Sydney underworld figure John Macris has given evidence in a Greek court saying she is relieved the Bulgarian brothers accused of his murder were arrested, 9 News reports.

The businessman, 46, who had links to organised crime, was shot dead outside his home in the Athens seaside suburb of Glyfada on October 31, 2018.

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CCTV from the night of the murder showed a man in a baseball cap firing a 9mm handgun through the side window of Macris’ car before unloading more shots as he attempted to flee the fire. Mr Macris, a father-of-two, died at the scene.

His wife, Viktoria Karida, a former Playboy model and television star, told the Athens court she recognised one of the alleged killers from the footage.

Yuliyanov J Raychev Serafim and his brother Milen Raychevhas were both charged with first degree murder, with the brothers having links to organised crime in Sydney before Macris moved to Greece in 2013.

Viktoria Karida, widow of slain Sydney gangster John Macris, arrives in court in Greece. Picture: Spyros Bakalis.

The brothers have denied the charges saying they could not be hitmen because professionals would not have used their own names to check into hotels and their own passports.

However, CCTV of the shooting shows a man wearing clothes similar to those found in Serafim’s hotel room, along with a receipt.

Overnight the court heard claims the men had been stalking Mr Macris before he was shot dead.

“That day my husband told his friend that Serafim and his brother were in the same cafeteria as John was,” Ms Karida told the court, according to a translation of her evidence.

Milen Raychev, who is accused of being an accessory to the murder of John Macris, is lead into court in Athens by police. Picture: Spyros Bakalis.

Ms Karida spoke of her relief at her husband’s alleged killers being taken into custody.

“Thank god they got arrested and couldn’t kill another one as they did with John,” she said.

Ms Karida identified Serafim from footage taken from the security cameras outside her home.

“I am a person of detail, I am sure that he is the guy. He runs and walks in the same way. The car they rented has been recorded by the CCTV of the house.

Lawyers for the brothers previously told 9News they deny the charges and knowing Mr Macris.

“From the very beginning they have denied the charges,” defence lawyer Alexandros Lykourezos said last week when the murder trial began.

“They insist they are innocent. They insist. We hope and believe we can prove that.”

Sourced By: Nine News

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