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Rugby league boss Peter V’landys seeks $450,000 pay rise




The chairman of the Australian Rugby League (ARL) Commission Peter V’landys, has requested a $450,000 pay rise towards the ARL and its commissioners.

An email sent to all rugby league clubs last week reveals details about the ARL Commission’s Annual General Meeting this month, which is to take place at Rugby League Central on February 21.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the email also provides details and suggests that clubs and states should consider agreeing to raise the maximum pay limit for the ARL Commission’s eight directors, which is currently set at $750,000.

Some of the reasons mentioned in the email for the request for the pay rise include:

  • The fixed aggregate amount of fees payable to directors of $750,000 was established with the formation of the Company in 2012 and has not increased since.
  • During the eleven-year period since 2012, the Australian economy has recorded wage growth, and high inflation in recent years. During this period ARLC director remuneration has remained constant. The net impact results in a significant decrease in the real value of director remuneration.
  • An increase to the maximum amount of fees payable to directors is reasonable in light of inflation over effectively a 15-year period from 2012 to 2027, and noting the growth of the company.

In order for this to go ahead, the majority of the clubs will need to vote for this proposal to pass. The ARL Commission aims to upgrade to a maximum aggregate of $1.2 million.

All NRL clubs, Queansland Rugby League and NSWRL clubs will be eligible to vote.

The Australian Rugby League Commission needs 10 of the 19 votes to pass the resolution.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

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