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‘We will rebuild again’: Kerry Kyriacou vows to restore burnt home and business




A major structure fire saw two adjoining properties in Woolner, Darwin engulfed in flames last Thursday evening.

The Jolly street lot, owned by the Kyriacou family, was once home to their joinery shop and another auto-electrical shop. Both sites have been reduced to ash.

Speaking to ABC NEWS, Kerry Kyriacou explained the feeling of watching the place he was born go up in flames.

“It’s horrendous. To watch your life and your home get burnt,” the 60-year-old said.

“I’ve lost all my memories, my clothes, my photos all gone. You can’t replace that sort of stuff. I walked away with just the shirt I was wearing, that’s it.”

Photo: ABC News / Michael Franchi

Kerry was able to save two of his classic cars and a work van, before he had to flee for his own safety.

He said he fears the personal cost of the blaze will surpass that of the damage caused by Cyclone Tracy when it ripped through the workshop in 1974.

Despite this, the Kyriacou brothers are determined to restore what their father started over 60 years ago when he first migrated to Darwin from Cyprus and started the business on the Jolly street lot.

“We rebuild again. We will keep going,” Kerry said.


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