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Victorian Government boosts support for families to help escape domestic violence during coronavirus




The Victorian Government have pledged their commitment in ensuring women and children escaping domestic violence have a safe place to go, investing $40.2 million in crisis accommodation and specialist services.

Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence Gabrielle Williams and Minister for Housing Richard Wynne today announced the Victorian Government will be making this investment for people suffering or at risk of family violence during the coronavirus pandemic.

“For some women, the biggest fear during this pandemic won’t be coronavirus – it will be the fear they can’t escape a violent partner. That’s why this funding is so important – it will give them and their children a safe place to go,” Minister for Prevention of Family Violence Gabrielle Williams says.

“We’ve worked with our specialist family violence services to identify and deliver exactly what they need to help Victorians escaping family violence throughout the coronavirus pandemic. No one will be left behind.”

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The Government announced that it will invest $20 million in short-term accommodation for family violence victim survivors who do not feel safe isolating or recovering from coronavirus at home.

“This extra accommodation will mean any Victorian experiencing family violence throughout this pandemic will have somewhere safe to stay when they need it most,” Minister for Housing Richard Wynne says.

Below is a detailed list of the allocation of the remaining crisis investment funds:

  • $20.2 million – Allocated to help Victorian family violence services meet the expected increase in demand during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • $10.4 million – Provided to help more women and children escape family violence and get access to safe accommodation and related support, with $5.1 million given for more flexible support packages across the state.
  • Just under $5 million – Allocated towards new technology and protective equipment for up to 120 family violence and sexual assault organisations, so they can adapt their services and keep their staff safe, while protecting and supporting victim survivors and their families.

The package also includes targeted funding for Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations to meet additional demand for family violence case management and crisis support.

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This investment is in addition to the $6 million provided by the Commonwealth Government to help meet the needs of Victorians experience family violence during the coronavirus pandemic.

For help and support, and to find out more, visit safesteps.org.au or call safesteps 24/7 on 1800 015 188.

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