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Greek police record 2,104 public movement violations




The Hellenic Police (ELAS) recorded a total of 2,104 violations of a government lockdown aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus on Wednesday, ELAS said Thursday.

The majority of the violations (793) were recorded in Attica, with 274 in Thessaloniki, 170 in Central Macedonia and 157 in Western Greece.

Between March 23, when the lockdown was introduced, and Wednesday, police said they recorded 26,855 violations. Authorities also arrested a total of 374 owners or managers of businesses operating despite restrictions forbidding them to do so between March 12 and Wednesday.

Police prepare for Easter travel restrictions

Greek authorities want to prevent citizens from leaving for their villages to mark Easter holidays. Photo: Tornos News

Greek Police are intensifying inspections at road tolls, ahead of the Holy Week for Orthodox Easter beginning next week, protothema.gr reports.

Officers were stationed at two major road tolls in Attica checking whether drivers had the necessary movement permits, as the Greek authorities want to prevent an exodus to the countryside in light of Easter week, in efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Greeks traditionally leave the Attica basin in great numbers during the Easter holidays and head towards their villages to celebrate. However, this year authorities are determined to clamp down hard on “undisciplined” citizens who do not comply with the strict coronavirus lockdown measures.

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