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Two refugees commit suicide in Kilkis area




The Hellenic Refugee Forum reported the tragic suicide of two refugees via its Facebook page yesterday.

According to the agency, the two young men, of African and Iraqi descent, were staying at a Kilkis Hotel where refugees are housed.

One man committed suicide on Christmas day and the other on Thursday.

The post said:

“Painful news from Kilkis and the Muria area. At a hotel in the area that hosts 350 to 400 refugees, two young men committed suicide, one yesterday and the other today.

The first, of Afghan origin, father of two children, 32 – 33 years old, was found hanging on a bridge outside the hotel.

The second man, of Iraqi origin, nearly 30 years old, was found hanging in the hallway of the hotel by his roommate, who is in a very bad shape.

Police have reportedly already recovered the bodies of the two men. “

Sourced via TVXS

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