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Turkey fabricating “fake news” about mistreatment of refugees, Petsas says




Greece has denied claims by Turkey that it fired live ammunition at refugees and migrants on their shared border, with several allegedly injured and one later dying.

“I deny it categorically,” Greek government spokesman, Stelios Petsas, told reporters when asked about Turkey’s allegation.

“Turkey fabricates and channels fake news against our country. It fabricated another piece of fake news today, concerning alleged injuries from Greek fire.”

Mr Petsas went on to claim Turkey’s decision to no longer prevent migrants, refugees and asylum seekers from crossing into the European Union was “an organised and coordinated operation,” which breached its obligations under the EU-Turkey Joint Statement.

“Since last Friday morning, just after the negative developments for Turkey in Indlib, Greece has been receiving sudden and massive pressure from population transfers at its eastern, land and sea borders. This is an organized and coordinated operation that is encouraged and directed by the government and the authorities of the neighboring country,” he said.

“The truth of this is certified by the statements of the Turkish President and other officials of the neighbouring country that the borders are open.”

To protect and defend these land and sea borders, Mr Petsas said the government has taken all necessary measures.

“We have said everywhere that we will protect the borders of Greece and Europe.”

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