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Thessaloniki included in the New York Times’ list of destinations for 2024




Thessaloniki has been included in the New York Times’ list of 52 proposed destinations for 2024.

The paper’s experts have made this year’s travel list taking into account sustainable travel and cultural events.

From the Path of Totality, which will be one of the best places to watch April’s solar eclipse, to Paris, the host of this year’s Olympic Games, there are plenty of reasons to visit the destinations.

Photo: Jane Woolfenden

Thessaloniki stands in the 43th place, five places bellow Brisbane and is presented as a destination which is famous for its Byzantine mosaics, clubs, bars and cafes. Danial Adkison suggests that visitors should order an ouzo and enjoy it admiring Olympus mountain as it appears in the south.

“The White Tower is for Thessaloniki, what the Acropolis is for Athens”, suggests the article.

Source: New York Times, Time Out

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