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Theo James resists calls to become the next Bond




39-year-old English actor of Greek heritage, Theo James, has heard suggestions he could be the next James Bond and he said the prospect “terrifies” him.

The actor is most known for his major role in the Divergent movie series.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Theo expressed his thoughts around taking on the role of James Bond. 

While acknowledging the role’s significance in British cultural identity, he said he believed there are “better people for that job.”

theo james
Could Theo James be the next James Bond?

“Honestly, it would be terrifying: if you do that, there’s no going back. You’re opening Pandora’s box there. You have got to be willing to live a very different life and have a different life for your family. And that would be pretty tricky,” he said.

The actor added: “Plus, my mates would (make fun) of me. Because they always say, Bondopoulos – the Greek Bond.”

Theo said he has a desire to explore roles with historical significance and mentioned his interest in portraying figures like King Henry III.

Source: National Post.

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