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‘The Music Space’ introduces bouzouki lessons as it returns for community open day




‘The Music Space’ music school in Ramsgate is reopening, following extensive renovations, with a vibrant, music filled open day on Sunday April 18th.

The music school was opened in Connells Point in May 2017 by Heidi (Spiliopoulos) Holt, later expanding to ‘The Music Space #2’ in Ramsgate in May 2018. According to their website, it’s creation came from a dream to help to “nurture that seed inside a person who has the desire to learn music and through nurture and teaching”.

Speaking to The Greek Herald, Heidi said the open day is intended to be a “celebration” for the renovations conducted this year.

“Also to just sort of say thank you to our existing families and to encourage them to bring family members and friends so they can celebrate with us,” Heidi said.

“We have students performing, some of our teachers performing…. there’ll be snacks and balloons and a couple of hours of fun.”

Heidi also expressed her excitement in introducing bouzouki classes, which will be led and instructed by Manolis Michalakis, who has written over 18 books about the method of teaching guitar and bouzouki.

“For me he is someone that can impart his life experience as well as technical skills,” Heidi said.

“So it’s not just about learning scales and everything, but it’s about getting deeper than that and understanding music in itself and cultivating a love for that.”

“I wanted to let families know in the area that bouzouki classes are starting next term. So if they want to do private lessons or group classes, it’s a great opportunity them to start.”

To RSVP for the open day, people can send an email to: teachme@themusicspace.com.au

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