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Ten Greek schools in Italy shut down from rapid coronavirus outbreak




Greek Education Minister Niki Kerameos announced that ten Greek schools operating in Italy have been shut down due to the growing coronavirus outbreak.

There are currently ten operating Greek schools in Italy, with two being in Milan and eight being spread across central and southern Italy.

Along with the shut down, Mr. Kerameos also decided to suspend all student educational trips planned to Italy, with students currently there now to return to Greece as soon as possible. Departure procedures are currently being coordinated by the Greek Ministry of Health.

With 3 deaths and 159 confirmed cases in 48 hours, the Italian government is shocked at the rapid spread of the Covid-19 disease. The cases are concentrated in the north part of the country, with twelve cities in Italy’s north being put on quarantine.

As a result of the unpredicted spread, the last two days of the Venice Carnival festival has been cancelled, dealing a blow to the country’s tourism.

Authorities have also ordered the temporary shut down of museums and cinemas in the region.

“I cannot understand how our country has the most cases,” said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, assuring that “the necessary measures have been taken from the beginning.”

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