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Oakleigh Grammar School present new Student Leadership team for 2020




A special event was held at Oakleigh Grammar School on Friday 14 February, honouring the students of the school and presenting the new student leaders for the 2020 school year.  

The event took place in the Sport Complex of the school ground, with Father George Adamakis, Principal of Oakleigh Grammar Mr. Mark Robertson, the Vice President of the Board, Mr. George Giannaros, and Treasurer, Mr. Sam Vassos, attending the ceremony.

Parents and guardians of the elected students also attended the presentation.

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Every year, selected students from Year 5 up to Year 12 are elected by the school and they become the student leaders. The elected leaders are committed to preserving the morals and values of Oakleigh Grammar School and passing them on to their classmates.

At the same time, they take on the responsibility of serving the needs of their classmates and, through their student voice, to pass any concerns or new ideas to the school Executive Team so the school can progress and improve.

This years School Leadership Team consists of:

  • School Captains: Students from Year 12, Sinky Oeng and Athena Typaldos. 
  • Middle School Leaders: Students from Year 9, Arthur Demetriou and Chloe Sheer and
  • Junior School Leaders: Students from Year 5, Evangelos Fabiatos and Elly Alexopoulos.  
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Each Home Group, from Year 6 to Year 11, will have a representative (SRC Member) and there will also be House Captains across Junior, Middle and Senior School.

The school sent their congratulations to all the students who were elected, also commemorating them on their participation in Student Leadership of 2020.

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