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Strong winds rekindle wildfires in West Attica, Rhodes and Peloponnese




Firefighters in Greece are battling reignited wildfires in West Attica, the island of Rhodes and Lefkohoma in Laconia, triggering a series of new evacuations.

Greek authorities had declared the wildfires contained overnight but firefighters lost control on Thursday due to strong wings.

According to Fire Brigade press spokesperson Lt-Colonel Yiannis Artopoios, in the greater West Attica area there are 11 firefighting airplanes and 11 helicopters, including the four aircraft provided by Italy and France to Greece through the EU’s RescEU mechanism.

Residents of the areas of Agia Sotira, Paleokoundoura, Panorama, Paleohori and Agios Ioannis Korakas in West Attica have been told to evacuate.

Firefighters battle rekindled flames in Greece on Thursday. Photo: AMNA.gr.

In the Laconian region, fire rekindling created new fronts southeast of the settlement of Lefkohoma, which are being fought by strong land forces as well as four aircraft and one helicopter.

On the island of Rhodes, there are multiple rekindlings of fire on the mountain range in the centre of the island, and three aircraft with two helicopters are operating there.

Lt-Colonel Artopoios confirmed that overall in Greece there were 62 forest fires in the last 24 hours, most of which were put out early on.

This comes as temperatures across Greece are expected to rise to new highs as of Thursday through Sunday, and the fire threat in the country remains high.

Source: Ekathimerini.

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